Welcome to the ISAE2023 congress!


One Ethology, understanding animal behaviour to improve the lives of animals, humans and society.


On behalf of the organizers I am very happy to welcome you to Tallinn for the ISAE conference of 2023. We have not hosted the ISAE conference in Estonia previously, but finally Ethology is coming home. This might raise some eyebrows, and, but we are proud to say that one of the fathers of the study of animal behaviour, Jacob Von Uexküll, was Estonian. We are very much looking forward to meeting you, sharing experience and ideas and making new contacts. We warmly welcome any of you that might not have been to previous ISAE meetings. Please do join us. The society and its meetings are friendly, inspiring and an ideal place to expand your networks in the field of applied animal behaviour.

See you all in Tallinn!



Prof. David Arney
On behalf of the organizing committee


Grants for participants

  • The ISAE has established a Congress Attendance Fund (CAF) to support the attendance of ISAE members at the annual congress. More information about Congress Attendance Fund (CAF) and how to apply can be found here
  • Humane Society International (HSI) provides financial assistance for graduate students to attend the ISAE International Congress and present their research. More information about Human Society International (HSI) assistance and how to apply can be found here.  
  • Developing Countries Congress Attendance Fellowship 2023 (DCCAF) is fellowship for farm animal behavior and welfare scientists and others wishing to attend the congress from developing countries. More information about Developing Countries Congress Attendance Fellowship 2023 (DCCAF) and how to apply can be found here
  • Purina Companion Travel Awards provides financial assistance to the ISAE International Congress by granting Travel Awards to graduate students. The presentation must be related to domestic cat and dog behaviour. More information about Purina Companion Travel Awards can be found here. 





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